from by Lumber Lung



I should have known
Borrowed time is never enough.
Seeing you leaves me a mess,
Doing my best to forget.
Tinted glass to protect your eyes
Doing everything to keep me out.

Some nights you come back
To haunt me in my sleep.

But it's not just nights, sometimes days,
Reminding me in every way
That time ran out long before,
Long before you disappeared.

Fading into walls
Fading in and out of my mind, always present,
Piercing eyes glaring back
Then with a blink you're gone.

Open ended questions are the worst,
Leave me hanging, holding on.

Doors don't open, windows painted shut,
Locked in I close my eyes but you're still there
Lying heavy on my chest, stop thinking to remember to breathe.

My skin tightens on my back and neck
Hairs on my arm stick up straight

I might watch the beams rot away before I hear a sound,
Before I see more than this visual echo.
Come on take up space in this silence so wide and deep.
You won't have control.


from 2012, released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Lumber Lung Santa Barbara, California

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